Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to make tacos

My home made Taco :)
Before anything else, hello there :) i forgot about my blog, not soo busy in school but i don't have much spare time cause of my babies and i am always sleeping early since i have 7am classes. Let's all catch up :)
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Out of nothing to buy @ the grocery i bought the ingredients. I remember my classmates made this one when we're still a high school student for our T.H.E class. They made Tacos and my group made Pizza and Apple Shake-which is what i crave for and my favorite shake!

Anyways, let's start for the main,simple and easy ingredients:

Super Crunchy Taco shell!
Old El Paso Taco Sauce! in MILD
also available in Medium and Hot!
Fresh Lettuce and tomatoesGround PorkAny cheese will do
Steps on cooking:
1. Clean then Cook the ground pork
2. Clean the lettuce & tomatoes
3. After doing 1&2 You can now prepare your Taco shell
4. Put 1tbsp cook ground pork at the taco shell.
5.Then add lettuce&tomatoes
6.Drizzle the Taco sauce! no more,no less, just add the right amount of your choice
7. Add grated cheese on top!

you don't need to heat it,since the taco shell is soo crunchy!
It will be your decision if you still want to oven or microwave it or not.

My advice if you still want to heat it, use oven than microwave!
Cause i used microwave and water moist made the shell not crunchy no more.
though my hubby still loves it!!!! ;)

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