Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why i am voting for Manny Villar! (reblog)

This has definitely been one of the more difficult political and personal decisions I’ve made in the past few months. Deciding on who to vote for in the upcoming 2010 elections for President is a tough endeavor. This is something that I’ve worked on through research, personal interviews, and a lot of prayer. I know that this post will get a lot of heat from supporters from various candidates but the important thing is that I’ve made my decision and I am acting on my belief. It’s time to finally get off the fence and stop being part of the “undecided” group. I’m voting for Nacionalista Party’s standard bearer, Senator Manny Villar, for President.

There is no Perfect Candidate
First let me just say that there is no perfect candidate. All of them have problems and risks. My personal belief is that the worst possible scenario is electing a candidate who is not ready for the job. The Presidency is the most difficult, challenging, and stressful position a person can take. We cannot just put someone there who doesn’t have the necessary experience, track record, and skills because it will just result to either that person becoming a puppet president or he screws up the entire country.

Let me just stress that again: the biggest risk for us is electing a President who doesn’t know what he will do once he gets into position.

Among all the candidates running, Manny Villar is the most qualified to run the country.

1. He’s shown that he has the guts to go after corrupt officials. He impeached Joseph “Erap” Estrada. His party has been at the forefront of investigating anomalous scandals and issues like the NBN ZTE, Fertilizer Fund Scam, and the Hello Garci case.

2. He has successfully managed his businesses and has built one of the most profitable financial empires in the asia. This is not an easy task to do. The experience of dealing with managers, department heads, and executives is valuable. Getting them to follow your vision is very hard and anyone who can do that is a gifted person.

3. He is loved and adored by his children and wife.

4. Villar has the most political experience: Congressman, Speaker of the House, Senator, and Senate President. Well, next to Erap Estrada (lol).

Villar has a solid track record that is built on the foundations of service, skill, and excellence.

But PGMA was competent! Look at what happened to us. We shouldn’t vote for competent people anymore.
Let me set the record straight here. PGMA was never competent. People package her as an economist but she really doesn’t have any good corporate or business experience. Her claim to fame was her last name and that she was “well educated”. That’s it. Manny Villar is light years ahead of PGMA in terms of qualifications.

The issues raised against Manny
Senator Villar has been accused of so many things in the past few months. However no one can really say for sure if these are all true. One big question that I have is why are all of these things just coming out now? I mean Senator Villar has been in government service since forever. Why only now when he’s running for the Presidency are his competitors pointing fingers at him for doing this and that?

Yes, some cases have merit. A lot of them don’t. But then again there’s NO candidate in the running who is spotless. What I find so ridiculous is that the people blatantly accusing Villar of corruption are the ones who should be looking at themselves and at the people surrounding them.

About the money he’s spending on his campaign
Manny Villar is not the only candidate spending millions upon millions for his campaign. If you check all the press releases Senator Noynoy Aquino and the other candidates are spending almost the same. The main difference here is that Manny Villar is spending his own money. He is not beholden to anyone should he win. Other candidates will be pressured to pay off their debts in the form of contracts or appointments. This is much more dangerous if you give it some thought because this is what has been happening in the previous administrations. Manny Villar, if elected, will be a President that will have no political debts to anyone. He can go after the Lopezes. He can go after MVP. He can go after San Miguel. He can go after Meralco.

Manny Villar truly represents the poor and the masses because he will not owe a dime to the rich families of the Philippines should he get elected. 10% of the population here in the country owns 90% of the wealth. By electing people who have ties to those 10%, we will just preserve status quo.

But your Tita is running under the NP! You’re biased Carlo!
You’re free to think whatever you want to think. Note though that I am not voting for a lot of the Nacionalista candidates. I’m voting for Mar Roxas for the Vice Presidency and I have a lot of Liberals on my senate slate (I’m a huge fan of Ruffy Biazon and TG Guingona). This decision was brought about by long hours of contemplation and debate with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

But you’re a Christian! Shouldn’t you be voting for Bro. Eddie?
As a Christian I’ve prayed about this decision for months. I don’t think it’s automatic for a Christian to vote for a fellow Christian during the campaign. We have to scrutinize the competence and background of each candidate and I standby the idea that Manny Villar is the most competent and capable of leading our country to progress. Yes, Cindy Jacobs made a prophecy that Bro. Eddie will become President of the Philippines. But I don’t think she mentioned a date.

Are you crazy? You should be voting for Noynoy!
I am not voting for Senator Noynoy Aquino because I believe he does not have the skills, experience, and competence to run this country. His background only shows being a mediocre Senator and no real business or corporate experience. I honestly think that if he wins he will just be manipulated and bullied by those who pushed him to run in the first place. Some people say that he’s competent because “nanindigan siya” or that he was active in debates. Seriously do those traits make you qualified to be a President? Does that make you competent enough to lead 90 million people?

Villar’s Sacrifice
I think this is the most important factor which made me decide to vote for Manny Villar instead of Senator Dick Gordon (among other reasons). When the IPO of Vista Land allowed Villar to rake in billions, it would have been easier for Senator Villar to just sit out on the 2010 elections and coast along life as a filthy rich individual who’s loved by his family. That’s what I would have done. He could have spent the rest of his life traveling and tasting the pleasures this world has to offer. He could have just sat back and watched his children take over his business and all he has to do is to enjoy his remaining years.

By running, he knew that black propaganda would be hurled against him. By running he knew that he would be spending his own hard earned money that he can use for other more “fun” things on campaign materials and media buys. By running he knew that it would cause him an insane amount of stress that would tax him and his family.

But he did. He ran. Despite everything that makes running so stupid, he did it.

I’ve talked with Senator Villar on several occasions during blogger events. I’ve met his two sons and his daughter and I personally can’t imagine how hard it must have been for a politician to get his children to be that loyal and loving (speaking from experience here, haha). My gut feel tells me that here we have a sincere and genuine person who honestly wants to change the country for the better. He has the experience and he’s done it for himself and those around him. I’m voting for him because I believe in his vision, character, and his sacrifice. I am voting for him because after all my prayers and reflection, I believe God wants us to have a competent leader. No one really knows for sure what God wants and what His plans are but I will stand by this decision to support someone who I believe can lead our country forward.

I will no longer be held hostage by the idea that this election is a vote for either “good” or “evil”. That is just propaganda which was intentionally made to deviate the discussions from track record, experience, and competence to non-tangible, irrelevant, and immeasurable points. It’s like make-up trying to cover up for zits.

I am voting for Manny Villar for President and I am proud of it.

If you are a supporter of Manny Villar I encourage you to do the same. Post it on Facebook or on Twitter. Let people know where you stand. Don’t be afraid of judgement from your friends or peers because that’s just nonsense. There are two things you need to do this May: campaign for your candidate and vote for him come election day.

As a parting note – if ever Villar does win, rest assured that from his number one supporter, I will become his number one critic to make sure that he does do what he promised to do. Also, I will fully support whoever wins in the elections, regardless if it is Villar or not. :)

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  1. good god. it's happening. villar's going to be the next president. god save the philippines.

  2. funny :)
    sigh, noynoy won already so i wish us good luck!
    god save the phil pls! ;)